Do you realize emotions TAKE THE ESi and Improve Now!

Now you can precisely measure critical facets of your mental and emotional intelligence. Even better, you can compare your mental and emotional game to that of 1000s of the world’s elite athletes.

In 25 minutes, we’ll create a personalized, accurate and candid assessment of your mental and emotional competence. We call it the Emotional Intelligence Sports Inventory or ESi. We will:

Measure your FOCUS, SELF AWARENESS, ACHIEVEMENT DRIVE, COMPETITIVENESS, SELF CONTROL and five other characteristics known to sports psychologists as critical performance competencies.

Reveal how your emotional and mental skills stack up against those of the world’s top performers.

Build you a complete, customized training plan you and your coach can use to make profound improvements in your athletic performance.

Hear athletes and coaches talk about the
ESi in this six minute video.