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Helping Coaches, Athletes and Teams to the Next Performance Level

Every athlete and every coach is different.

New Edge Performance offers a customized, personalized approach to target each performer’s unique capabilities. Each athlete and coach has their own experience and their own “blocks”. That’s why a company with knowledge, experience and practical tools to help coaches, athletes and teams is needed. New Edge Performance helps build mental toughness and gets results.

For athletes, coaches and teams we have the advantage of our world-class Emotional Intelligence Sports Inventory (ESi) – the world’s best online assessment instrument for measuring the key mental and emotional performance competencies that separate average and elite performers. Once we have a base profile of the coach or athlete, we build a detailed plan moving forward that focuses on the strengths and limitations of the athlete or coach and guide them to defined goals. No secrets, no tricks - just organized, goal-oriented, practical strategies to help coach, athlete and team get to the next level.

New Edge Performance focuses on two key principles to bring athletes to the next level:
  1. Help the athlete to understand themselves (strengths, limitations, goals, values, trigger points etc.) so they can better cope with the mental and emotional demands of competitive sport.

  2. Help the athlete/team get out of their own way so that their athletic potential is maximized. The only thing that can truly stop an athlete from reaching their goals is him or herself.

Our President, John Haime, is one of the world’s top performance specialists and is contracted by top athletes and teams. John and our team would be pleased to speak with you about your needs and how New Edge Performance can help bring your athlete or team to the next level.

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