The ESi Athletic Performance Indicator

The ESi Athletic Performance Indicator is the world’s first high level assessment tool to measure emotional intelligence performance competencies in athletes.

It has been recognized through rigorous research that emotional intelligence accounts for up to 90% of what separates average from outstanding performers. Athletes are often separated not by their technical or cognitive skills, but how well they are able to apply their abilities and talents under a variety of pressures. Emotional composure enables the athlete to maximize athletic potential and be a consistent, sustainable performer. This knowledge and development is carried into all parts of the athlete’s life and future.

Until now there has been no benchmark to assess athletes to determine if they have the potential to be top performers. The assessment is a 77 question, 30 minute online evaluation. When the athlete completes the assessment, scores are calculated and a summary report follows highlighting strengths and limits in the 10 key performance competencies. In addition, a fully customized coaching report accompanies the results with suggestions and exercises on how to strengthen a competency.

Introduction     click to enlarge Online Reporting Once the assessment is taken, an online statistical report is available for the athlete.

The ESi is simply the most effective assessment and development tool for athletes and coaches.