The Emotional Intelligence Sports Inventory (ESi) is the best online mental/emotional assessment you can buy...


An assessment tool you buy over the Internet must produce not only a summary of your results ... but also provide customized solutions for improvement.

The ESi is more than an assessment...
  • Part of an online state-of-the-art, user-friendly coaching system – the ESi includes a Results Summary, Coaching Suggestions and Action Plan for long-term development

  • Personalized reports interpret results and help athletes and coaches develop an effective plan to build on strengths and overcome limitations

  • Reports teach about the key mental and emotional behaviors and how they influence performance

An assessment should help both athlete and coach enhance the athlete’s developmental process.

The ESi is for both athlete and coach
  • Created specifically to help athletes improve their mental and emotional game

  • Athletes and coaches both benefit from having the athlete’s mental and emotional profile as the basis for their mental/emotional development

  • Applicable to any sport, whether team-based or individual

An assessment must be scientifically sound to be credible – look for the science and research before you buy.

The ESi is a science and researched-based assessment instrument
  • Unique, validated inventory of mental and emotional competencies

  • Five years of scientific research and on-going validation studies at a number of universities around the world

  • Linked to outstanding sports performance by thousands of elite athletes

  • Built-in indicators showing validity and accuracy of results

  • Technical Paper available to you – please contact us for the ESi Technical Paper

An assessment must ultimately produce measurable results and improvement in athletes.

The ESi produces results with our athletes!
  • The ESi has been credited with wins in major sports and made measurable performance differences for athletes in individual and team sports (click here to see the ESi video with selected athlete/coach endorsements)

  • Leading coaches are confidently using the ESi with their athletes and achieving their development goals

  • ESi results and lessons go beyond the playing field by giving athletes the fundamental mental and emotional competencies to be successful in anything they choose in life