Welcome to the Emotional Intelligence Sports Inventory!

The ESi is the world’s most powerful instrument to measure your ability in the key performance competencies that separate average from elite athletes. Unlike other mental game evaluation tools, the ESi is based on cutting-edge research that followed the rigorous standards expected from modern scientific methods. Taking the ESi will help you identify your strengths and limitations in these key competencies, and will provide you with an improvement plan moving forward to help you build your mental and emotional game.

What is an ‘Emotional Competency’?

An emotional competency is a critical emotional skill that directly impacts your sport performance. The emotional competencies in this report are based on scientific studies linking emotional intelligence to effective sports performance in top athletes.

After completing the 77 question assessment, a profile summary is produced summarizing your scores. The report Includes:

  1. A VALIDITY SCALE that will indicate how candid and honest you were in answering the questions.
  2. A GLOBAL EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE SPORTS INVENTORY SCORE; your scores on the 10 emotional competencies linked to effective sport performance and a detailed exploration of the meaning of your scores.
  3. COACHING STRATEGIES for developing the Emotional Intelligence competencies.
  4. AN ACTION PLAN to help you design a personal plan to build the skills and resources necessary for responding to the challenge of sports competition.


The price of the Emotional Intelligence Sports Inventory is $99 USD inclusive of all pieces listed above.

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